Netfiles system

Introduction to Netfiles Deal Room

Netfiles software is the development of a German company of the same name, which entered the virtual data room market in 2001. This is one of the most concise options for different types and scales of business.

Principles of protection in the Netfiles system

Netfiles uses the following data protection methods:

  • First, users enter their personal account using the CEP, secure login and password, or by phone number, which protects data from third-party access.
  • Electronic signature certificates are processed through cryptographic protocols.
  • It is difficult to lose or damage data since it is copied three times and then stored on different Contour servers. Servers are located in several data centers in the country.
  • The period of electronic documents storage on the Circuit servers is not limited.
  • A modern encryption system is used – the same as in banking.

Implementing a secure electronic document management system is impossible without proper briefing and training of employees. Therefore, an important aspect will be regular tests and checks followed by an analysis of errors.

Such a severe approach to document management information security does not complicate the work and does not make documents inaccessible to employees. On the contrary, a specialist with configured access rights can start working at any time. Furthermore, the web version of the system allows you to perform any operations with electronic documents remotely.

Benefits of Netfiles

It is worth paying attention to this software for organizing the workflow of your business for several reasons:

  • Affordable price for small and medium businesses. Netfiles plans start at just $60 per month.
  • You can try the virtual data room using the free version that the developer provides to everyone.
  • Software owners can access a 24/7 help desk with staff ready to help them daily.
  • A complete history of each document. The program stores information about each record in the virtual data room. The administrator can see who uploaded it, who read it, and who edited it.
  • The administrator can flexibly adjust access rights so that employees cannot view sections they do not need to work on. This avoids the theft of valuable corporate information.
  • The program can generate reports and conduct analytics, making internal auditing much more accessible.
  • 256-bit encryption is a high level of protection, thanks to which you can download files or send them to your partners without hesitation.
  • Here you can conduct video conferences with project colleagues. This data room has all the tools you need to have a full-fledged meeting of the company’s board, vote, and make important decisions about its work.

The program positions itself as a tool for small and medium businesses, non-profit enterprises, and the government. The language of the software is English. Supported on all modern devices (smartphones, tablets, and computers). Netfiles can also run training programs through file sharing and video conferencing.